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At Restorative Therapies, we’ve proudly helped more than 100,000 people in 1,000+ clinics and 4,000+ homes over the past 15 years. Take a moment to see how our iFESTM systems for neurorehabilitation have affected real lives firsthand.

Become a Featured Rider!

Our team at Restorative Therapies is working on updating our website and expanding our Featured Riders program. We would love to bring the experience of our clinic and home RT300 users to life. 

Each Featured Rider will include a photo and a quote.  If you would be interested in sharing your experience with new patients, we would love to feature you!  If so, please:

  1. Fill out the online consent form.
  2. When taking photos of your set-up (leg, arm or both) on the RT300 in your clinic or home, please use portrait mode with good lighting and a smile! 😊
  3. Provide us with a short statement about the benefits you have experienced using the RT300, iFES™ therapy in general, functional improvements and health benefits.

We are so excited to share the stories of those we help!  Any message you would like to share with those new to using the RT300 is greatly appreciated!

Spinal Cord Injury

Tim's Story

"The impact of the RT300 was a game changer for me."

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Samantha's Story

“Life can be just as interesting and fulfilling [despite your injury], if you let it."

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Karen's Story

“I believe I am healthy 31 years after being paralyzed because of the use of FES.”

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Don's Story

“[The RT300] is a wonderful piece of equipment and plays a big part in my recovery.”

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Shane's Story

“I feel like I've been closer to being able to move my feet.”

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Kelly's Story

“I believe the RT300 is a big reason why I’ve had so much recovery and continue to see improvements.”

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Brian's Story

“I am a very upbeat person. I continue to improve and I will beat this injury."

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Chris' Story

“I’ve had a very good recovery and I can walk, swim, and bike again.”

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Alexandra's Story

"The products are excellent and the team is super helpful. They've supported me in everything I need over the last 9 years."

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Lonnie's Story

“I’ve seen motion return in my right foot. I can move it some, wiggle my big toe, move my foot down and inward to the left. Last month, I even got a little movement out of my left toe.”

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Sophie's Story

"After a month I started to notice a difference in the muscle tone in my legs, and I was experiencing short term help with spasms."

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Cindy's Story

"After I get off, my arms move better. It gets my body going and active."

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James' Story

“I think everyone should have access to the RT300. It should be in all the VA hospitals. They need more of them out there, they need to get the funds together."

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Michael's Story

"When I get off the RT300, I can stretch out my legs easily, they're nice and flexible. I'm itching to get back on the RT300."

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Judy's Story

"When I use the RT300, I get that great feeling of using my body. It's a part of my routine that's important for my health and for my life."

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Sarah's Story

"It's like a full body conditioning, with my arms and legs involved at the same time, like a cross trainer sitting down."

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Multiple Sclerosis

David's Story

“The RT300 was a godsend. It was unbelievable.”

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Michelle's Story

"The RT300 is helping! It's working for me. And even if it helps no more than it has so far, I'll take that because I feel better."

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Spina Bifida

Andrews's Story

"The RT300 has made a dramatic impact on Andrew's progress. I think it will be key to him gaining independence."

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