Success Story

Judy's Story

"When I use the RT300, I get that great feeling of using my body. It's a part of my routine that's important for my health and for my life."

— Judy S.

Judy was 18 when she was hit by a drunk driver. The impact broke her neck resulting in a C5 spinal cord injury. The accident also caused a traumatic brain injury. 

After hearing Judy speak in St.Louis, a physician from Johns Hopkins wrote to her insisting she get involved with their spinal cord injury program. She was then introduced to the RT300.

"My first experience on the RT300 was great! I was already able to bear weight and stand and take steps."

She bought a home system and uses it three times a week for an hour.

"I noticed I was getting stronger and my walking was improving. And neurologically I was showing improvement. When your system is compromised, every bit of connection you can make is a bonus."

Judy loves that she is able to work her cardiovascular system. She is able to use her body as an athlete again, giving her a sense of accomplishment.

"But the RT300 has become a basic foundational part of my routine because I know how important it is for me if I'm going to continue to be active and healthy. I need to be getting this therapy into my day."

Judy worked for 20 years in healthcare as a social worker. She's now the Director of Women's Ministry at Fargo Hope Lutheran Church. She's a motivational speaker, a published author, an ambassador for people affected by disability,  and a volunteer for Wheels for the World, which delivers refurbished wheelchairs around the globe.

Great job, Judy!

"I consider myself a success story because I am living fully and loving life, even from a wheelchair. I have been given a lot."