Success Story

James' Story

“I think everyone should have access to the RT300. It should be in all the VA hospitals. They need more of them out there, they need to get the funds together."

— James H.

James suffered a C7 spinal cord injury during a diving accident when he was 29.

James was introduced to the RT300 while being treated at the Shepard Center, who specializes in treatment for people with spinal cord injuries.

"My range of motion is the same as before I was injured. And my upper body has come a long way- I couldn't move my arms off the bed when I was in the ICU. Now I can."

James has an RT300 at home which he uses at least 3 times a week.

"I feel great afterwards. When I get massages, I can feel the deep pressures in the majority of the muscles in my legs. I can tell where they're massaging!"

He loves the benefit of the total body workout. His legs have kept their tone, and he has been leaning himself off of his muscle spasm medication.

After a session he can feel how stretched out his legs are.

James isn't sure what is up next, but he is sure that he wants to lobby to get equipment, research, and funding for other soldiers and civilians with spinal cord injuries. He has been invited to sit on a panel in Washington, DC, that decide where to allocate government money.

We admire your work for the community, James!

"It's tough. But everything happens for a reason. I look at it as a blessing by misfortune."