Neurological Rehabilitation

Your Partner in Innovative Neurological Rehabilitation

Restorative Therapies develops a range of iFES therapy systems for neurological rehabilitation.

Restorative Therapies revolutionary neurological rehabilitation products combine the therapeutic modalities of complex iFES: functional electrical stimulation (FES); motor resistance or assistance; and activity-based therapy (ABT) that are all integrated with real-time biofeedback, data tracking, and sophisticated proprietary software to provide optimal therapeutic benefits for a wide range of neurological impairments.

To support a full continuum of care, our iFES therapy systems can be used in a clinic within an inpatient, outpatient, or wellness program. They can also be prescribed for use at home to ensure the continuity of care for patients who require long-term therapy.

How iFES Therapy Works

Learn more about how iFES therapy works and how it supports neurological rehabilitation.

Clinical Research and Reference

Review the sound clinical evidence that backs our iFES therapy systems.

Our iFES Systems

Discover how our iFES systems can help improve your patients’ quality of life (and your clinic’s level of care).

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