Optimized technology for coordinated iFES-evoked movement patterns

Xcite2 was designed to allow clinicians to easily and efficiently apply multi-channel FES with task-specific activities commonly completed in therapy. With a wide variety of pre-programmed activities - from ADLs and hand strengthening to postural re-training and upper/lower mobility skills - nearly any individual with neurological weakness or paralysis will benefit from using Xcite2.

Xcite2 enhances the impact of the traditional therapeutic activities that support muscle re-education by:

  • Enhancing active muscle contractions
  • Facilitating dynamic, reciprocal movement patterns for normalized input
  • Providing patient feedback

How it Works

The Xcite2 iFES Clinical Station provides 40 preprogrammed FES-integrated functional activities available in four therapy libraries: 

  • Hand Activities
  • Upper Extremity Activities
  • Lower Extremity Activities
  • General Activities

Examples of the activities that can be performed with the Xcite include: 

  • Grasp and release
  • Feeding
  • Transfers
  • Heel slides
  • Sit to stand

Each activity has the correct sequenced stimulation pattern to perform the prescribed activity. Xcite2 also has one touch access to on-screen guides for electrode placement for easy patient setup and visible and audible cues to assist the completion of each pattern.

Clinical Station Components

The Xcite iFES clinical station includes:

  • Adjustable and removeable tablet for better visability and flexibility in treatment setup
  • A battery-powered stimulator with up to 12 channels of stimulation that can be used on or away from the therapy cart
  • A mobile height adjustable therapy cart with large working surface that holds electrodes, cables, and accessories
  • Remote activation and control of therapy


* For Clinical Use Only

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