How iFES Therapy Works

Leading the Way in Integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation (iFES)

Functional Electrical Stimulation, or FES Therapy, is a well-established rehabilitation technique that uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves in order to evoke contractions in weak or paralyzed muscles and create patterned muscle activity.

Restorative Therapies' iFES incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES) integrated with task specific or motor assistance/resistance activities to optimize therapeutic goals. Our proprietary software provides real-time biofeedback, data tracking and sophisticated control algorithms that are designed for a wide range of neurological impairments.

An integral part of the iFES system is the motor, which provides assistance or resistance to enhance the function of weak or paralyzed muscles. Our motorized systems allow the user to perform massed practice repetitions to achieve high intensity activity.  The motor facilitates arm or leg movement in a circular motion to recreate physical work in conjunction with the FES-evoked muscle contractions. The arm or leg movements are sequenced with the muscle contraction at the precise time and degree of natural rotation.

iFES Benefits

Since 2005, the advanced iFES produced by the Restorative Therapies neurological rehabilitation products have been cleared by the FDA to accomplish the following:

  • Reduce muscle atrophy
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Improve local circulation
  • Maintain or increase range of motion
  • Facilitate muscle re-education