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RT300 is Restorative Therapies' flagship product line. It includes different versions to meet the unique needs of each person:

  • Leg | Arm | Core
  • Leg | Core
  • Pediatric Leg | Core

The RT300 product line incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES) integrated with motor assistance/resistance activities to optimize therapeutic goals. Our proprietary software provides real-time biofeedback, data-tracking and sophisticated control algorithms that are designed for a wide range of neurological impairments.

RT300 Features and Benefits

The RT300 systems provide many features and benefits to help you in your recovery, including:

  • Customized fit to meet unique needs and lifestyle
    • All stimulation parameters
    • Therapy settings (speed, resistance)
    • Physical setup (device height, range of motion, calf support)
  • Arm, leg, and core therapy options
  • Adaptable to pediatric, adolescents and adults
  • Up to 12 channels of stimulation
  • Multiple programs: interval, gait, and isokinetic
  • Automated therapy transition from warm-up to active therapy and finishing with cool down 
  • Real-time patented spasm and fatigue management
  • Safely use from most chairs or wheelchairs
  • Auto-progression and progress reportin
  • On-screen visual feedback with a real-time avatar
  • Bilateral or unilateral stimulation
  • Compact and portable
  • Off-device stimulation functional activity programs
  • Remote therapy adjustability for clinicians
  • Ideal for clinic and in-home use

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