The Benefits of In-Home Therapy

Extending iFES Therapy to Home

Did you know that you have the option of continuing your iFES therapy sessions at home? With Restorative Therapies in-home therapy, you have the opportunity to achieve your highest recovery potential and experience optimal health benefits.

In-Home Therapy Benefits

Today, over 80 percent of Restorative Therapies iFES systems are being utilized in people’s homes. The many benefits of in-home therapy include:

  • Use of your own device on your own schedule
  • Avoiding transportation obstacles
  • Overcoming health insurance and outpatient physical therapy limitations

In-home therapy also allows you to have more frequent therapy sessions without the need to travel to a clinic or outpatient center.

Reimbursement and Financing

To help you get the funding you need, we offer insurance reimbursement services with our internal expert reimbursement team at no cost to you. Our reimbursement team is dedicated and determined to help you optimize your health insurance reimbursement outcome.

Our reimbursement process includes:

  • Ensuring you have a prescription and Letter of Medical Necessity
  • Interacting with your insurance company on your behalf
  • Working through your insurance company’s application and appeal process

If approved, CareCredit healthcare financing can help you finance a Restorative Therapies iFES system.