Success Story

Cindy's Story

“After I get off, my arms move better. It gets my body going and active."

— Cindy D.

Cindy suffered a C4 spinal cord injury when a car ran her over while she was sunbathing.

Cindy learned about the RT300 while at the Shepard Center in Atlanta, where she was air-lifted immediately after her accident. She got to use it during an eight-week clinical trial and later bought her own.

"It got my arms stronger. It works me out like a regular person. It's so innovative the way it works you in a different positions. It's great for keeping your body healthy all over, AND my legs aren't skinny! They are very muscular. And there's no atrophy."

Cindy uses her device three times a week and still gets out of breath. Cindy insists she'll keep up her regime for a lifetime.

"I do it to stay in shape. I don't want to get fat in this wheelchair. I don't want to lose what I have- in fact, I want to gain a lot more. I live by it."

It also helped Cindy lower her medication by half.

Cindy now runs her foundation, Dreams of Recovery, full time. The foundation has a 12-person board and facilitates four fundraisers a year. Cindy is constantly busy working on the marketing and planning, getting everything coordinated and running smoothly.

"When I got hurt, I had a whole bunch of people to support me, to go out and raise money for me to do therapy. But meanwhile, a friend of mine didn't have enough to pay for her therapy. So, I asked if we could split the money we'd raised so my friend and I could both do therapy. I know I'm more fortunate than a lot of people. So, I wanted to start a foundation to help other people. "

We are proud of your charitable work, Cindy!