Success Story

David's Story

“The RT300 was a godsend. It was unbelievable.”

— David Foster

David was diagnosed with MS in 1994 and was first exposed to FES Technology in 2007 when he was looking for ways to stay active.

"When I first read about RT300 FES, it really piqued my interest so I contacted the Kennedy Krieger Institute to see if I would be a candidate for physical therapy using the RT300. At the time, they weren’t taking MS patients. But I was persistent, and after calling every week for three or four months, I finally got an appointment, and they put me on the RT300 system.”

David felt the benefits right away on the first day he used the device in 2007.

“I felt for the first time in years I was getting full muscle contraction in my legs. We started with five minutes first. We used the RT300 twice a week for several weeks. Each day I would try to go another minute under my own power.”

David noticed so much improvement that he added FES arm therapy to his routine.

David could stand longer and walk faster and found that it was easier to go up steps. He saw improved muscle tone, reduced spasms, and his cramping completely disappeared.

He no longer needs to take medication to manage his spasms.

“It has provided a way for me to stay at about the same fitness/functioning level over the years. You know and appreciate the benefits when you don’t use your RT300 and you feel the repercussions.”

David’s dream is a cure for MS and other similar diseases is found along with a neurological process that will help those with a mobility challenge.

“In the meantime, I stay in the best condition I can so I’m a candidate for treatment when it becomes available. I want to be prepared and ready.”

We admire David’s dedication to a cure!

“Every day is a gift. It’s up to you what you do with it: feel sorry for yourself or be the best you can be.”