Success Story

Sophie's Story

"After a month I started to notice a difference in the muscle tone in my legs, and I was experiencing short term help with spasms."

— Sophie C.

When on vacation, Sophie was in a car accident, resulting in a T6 complete spinal cord injury.

Sophie was introduced to the RT300 during physical therapy after leaving the hospital.

"I found it weird, my legs, which were dreadfully thin, were moving but I could not feel it."

During a home demo through Cyclone Mobility (Restorative Therapies' UK distributor) Sophie was introduced to the RT200.

Sophie's weekly routine include 2-3 sessions on her RT200, two sessions standing with the aid of calipers, one session with a physical therapies, and training for wheelchair basketball.

Sophie has seen short term relief from spasms, improved breathing, and better overall fitness.

"I don't mind my legs looking a bit bigger!" Sophie adds.

Sophie is back at school and playing sports. She credits Back-Up, a charity funded organization that helps people with SCI becoming active in competitive sport, with helping her get her life back together. Sophie, who has since raised funds on behalf of Back-Up, plans to go to university to get a degree in sports psychology when she finishes high school.

We admire your motivation, Sophie!