Success Story

Karen's Story

“I believe I am healthy 31 years after being paralyzed because of the use of FES.”

— Karen Roy

When Karen was 19, she was shot in the back during an armed robbery, resulting in a T10 complete spinal cord injury.

Karen first discovered the RT300 at an ability expo which resulted in her getting one for her home. When Karen first tried it, she felt “Amazing!”

“I love to feel my muscles contract and get stronger! I love the cardiovascular workout.”

She loves that the RT300 works her calf and ab muscles, unlike other FES devices. She also likes that the RT300 is smaller than her previous FES device, and is even portable for travel!

Karen uses her device three to four times a week, or as much as she can, which has resulted in a reduced amount of spasms and increased muscle definition. When she doesn’t use it regularly, Karen reports feeling weaker and weight gain.


In addition to standing, Karen says her device has kept her wound, fracture, and contraction free.

Based on her experience, Karen believes that the RT300 should be recommended to ALL patients that qualify for one.

“I hope physicians and therapists are being taught about how life changing this technology is for people with spinal cord injuries. It has saved my life by keeping me healthy and active for 31 years. I’m 50 years old and in great shape.”

Karen lives a very active lifestyle, enjoying sports such as adaptive rowing, water skiing, and snow skiing. She also likes going to the beach and concerts in her free time.

When asked about what’s next, Karen said, “I plan to write a book about my journey to becoming Ms. Wheelchair America 2019.”

Congrats, Karen! We can’t wait to read it!

“Be persistent and you can accomplish anything!” she said.