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Alexandra's Story

"The products are excellent, and the team is super helpful. They've supported me in everything I need over the last 9 years."

— Alexandra I.

Alexandra was 27 when she was involved in a shallow water diving accident. It left her a C6 quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down.

When she was first injured, she used the RT300 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. When she first tried it, she felt “out of breath and tired like I just had an incredible workout.”

She bought her first RT300 right after she got out of the hospital, 2 months after her accident. She purchased it out of pocket but purchased a new one through insurance. She uses her device twice a week.

“There’s nothing like electrical stimulation combined with biking. An excellent workout for the muscles you can’t get on your own.”

Alexandra has seen improved muscle mass in her glutes and legs, which she feels is important for reducing pressure sores. She has also experienced fewer spasms. When she does not use her device regularly, she feels her muscles getting tighter.

“The RT300 is incredible for reducing muscle spasms”

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Alexandra stays busy by mentoring fellow quadriplegics, blogging, swimming, and traveling, all on top of being an editor of a magazine. She has even taught herself to swim by herself in the pool.

“I’ve experienced all the ups and downs life has to offer. I’ve undergone seven major surgeries but come out the other end with a new perspective on life. I found the love of my life, recently got married, and travel with my husband as much as possible.”

Her goal is to start a foundation to help fellow quadriplegics pay for their caregivers.

“No matter how dark things may get in your life it is incredible how one can find purpose in the most unlikely of places. We have to support one another in the spinal cord injury community to build each other up and support each other's dreams.”

We admire your motivation and drive, Alexandra!