Success Story

Michelle's Story

"The RT300 is helping! It's working for me. And even if it helps no more than it has so far, I'll take that because I feel better."

— Michelle B.

Michelle was 29 when she was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. 

The doctors at Johns Hopkins first introduced Michelle to the RT300. She loved the way she felt after just one session.

"It was so weird- all of a sudden, I'd gone for an hour and didn't even notice. Until then, I could barely do physical activity for seven minutes. And when I woke up the next day I could walk better. It wasn't a miracle, it wasn't like I was doing cartwheels or anything- I just felt better."

Soon after, she got her own device. She uses it three times a week along with working out with weights.

Michelle found that it helped with mobility, balance, and leg cramping. For three years she has not had to take medication for spasms.

"I felt like it was helping but I didn't think anyone could see it yet. But at the gym, a women I'd never spoken to in my life- she didn't know anything about me, nothing about the RT300- she came up and told me it looked like I was walking better. I flipped out! And then a couple friends said it seemed like I was doing better too. I didn't think it was noticeable, but apparently it is."

Michelle is still able to get around with a walker and believes there has been minimal change in her condition in the last 3 years. Michelle is determined to maintain her strength and fitness and refuses to give up activities until she is forced to.

We love your determination Michelle!

"I've always been hopeful, but I'd been crushed down for so long and I didn't even realize it. I didn't realized I'd lost hope until I got it back."