Success Story

Don's Story

“[The RT300] is a wonderful piece of equipment and plays a big part in my recovery.”

— Don M.

In August of 2017, Don was riding his mountain bike when he hit a log and when over the handlebar leaving him a C4 quadriplegic.

Don first heard of the RT300 at Craig Hospital.

He later got his own through insurance with "the help of the persistence of RTI."

"Without the help of [RTI], I would not have gotten this device," Don said. "The support since receiving it has also been very positive."

Don loves using his device at home.

"I highly recommend getting this device because it is not readily available in therapy."

He uses his device a couple times a week.

Don McKinney

Since using the device, Don has noticed a batter range of motion and reduced spasms. When he isn't using his RT300 regularly, he has less range of motion in his arms and increased pain.

Don lives an active lifestyle, taking walks with his friends and family and regularly going to the gym. He is looking forward to gaining independence so he can travel in his RV again, and possibly walk again.

"With just over 2 years post injury, i'm still working through many things, but you need determination, drive, and a good support system," said Don when asked what advice he had for someone else facing a similar injury to his.

We wish the best for you, Don!