Success Story

Chris' Story

“I've had a very good recovery and I can walk, swim, and bike again."

— Chris W.

In May 2015, Chris was competing in a half Ironman triathlon and was run off of the road while cycling, crashing his bike into a tree. He suffered 7 fractured ribs, a fractured scapula, and a spinal cord injury classified as T5. However, the damage was incomplete, ranging from T5 to T10.

Chris started rehab at Johns Hopkins, then spent a month doing inpatient rehab at Good Samaritan. When he left, he was able to walk short distances using a walker. He then started outpatient rehab at Kennedy Krieger, where he was introduced to the RT300.

When asked about his first experience with the RT300, he felt “great, a little weak, but it reminded me of cycling, which I love, and it gave me hope that I might someday ride a bike again.”

After at Kennedy Krieger, Chris saw large gains in his recovery. He was able to walk a 5k race in 59 minutes. He continues to go to Kennedy Krieger and can now walk 4 miles of trails with hills, and cycle 30 miles.

KKI marathon-CW

“My mindset was to work as hard as my body would allow me too and try to maintain a positive attitude. I had great support from family and friends to help me keep a good attitude and avoid depression and other challenges.”

Chris now enjoys boating and cycling during the summer, and woodworking during the winter. He also likes watching football and tailgating with his friends and family.

His goal is to remain as physically active as possible and to be a great parent and husband.

“Work hard and try to stay positive, especially early on in your recovery. Surround yourself with encouraging family and friends and realize life is great in many different ways and even with this challenge, there are people with tougher situations than you have. Do your best to enjoy life.”

We are proud of your accomplishments, Chris!