Success Story

Andrew's Story

"The RT300 has made a dramatic impact on Andrew's progress. I think it will be key to him gaining independence."

— Terri P.  (Andrew's mom)

When Terri was 19 week pregnant, she went in for a routine ultrasound. The test showed that Andrews has myelomeningocele, a type of spina bifida in which the backbone and spinal canal don't fully close before birth.

When Andrew was a year old, Terri heard about the use of the RT300 at Kennedy Krieger.

"I knew I had to get him there."

When Andrew was 3 years old, he got his own RT300 and started using it by himself. He averages five times a week on the RT300 for 45 minutes a session.

"Before he started on the RT300 we timed him walking ten meters as a baseline. It took him five minutes to walk ten meters. And at that time, he was using a walker with wheels that didn't move- they just went straight so he didn't even have to control his direction. He was really slow. Recently we did another test: after four months using the RT300, Andrew dropped his time to a minute and a half! And he's directing his walker on his own. We're just amazed."

Terri believes that it is preventing atrophy. She has also seen improvements in Andrew's bowel system.

Andrew has become more independent and comfortable with transfers, letting go with his hands while transferring to different surfaces.

"It's critical for muscle development and functional independence and keeping him ready for the research breakthroughs that are around the corner."

Andrew is prepping to go to preschool this September. He has reviewed his goals for the year, realizing that he has already reached them all, and now needs to start a new list.

Great job, Andrew!

"You know, all everyone talks about is what's wrong with Andrew. But you have to remember there's so much more to hims than spina bifida. You have to get over that, work though it, and get past it."