The Only Simultaneous Leg and Arm iFES Therapy

Looking to rehabilitate both arms and legs? The RT200 is the only motorized iFES therapy that works both legs and arms  simultaneously.

How it Works

The RT200 provides a smooth, continuous motion without an end-of-range bump. It features a 1:1 ipsilateral leg-to-arm motion, allowing a natural swing throughout each revolution. 

With the RT200, patients experience the benefits of iFES therapy in addition to using their arms and legs together in a single session to achieve enhanced cardiovascular effects. The seat reclines, rotates for ease of transfer, and slides to accommodate varying leg lengths.

The ideal applications for RT200 include:

  • Individuals with volitional control of their upper extremities and iFES-stimulated lower extremities for the highest cardiovascular effects
  • iFES on upper and lower extremities to reduce total therapy time and enhance cardiovascular effects
  • Patients who present with core weakness or instability

Muscle Selection

All stimulation is coordinated during the upper and lower extremity motion based on the muscle selection.


Shoulder and scapular stabilizers

Upper extremities

Biceps, triceps, anterior deltoid, posterior deltoid, wrist flexors, wrist extensors

Core and Trunk

Abdominals and back muscle groups for core strength, stability

Lower extremity

Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, gastroc, and anterior tibialis


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