Critical Care & ICU

Making Early Mobility Possible

Are you a critical care or ICU professional looking for an innovative solution to mobilize your patients?

Restorative Therapies can make in-bed mobilization possible for people in critical care or intensive care units (ICU).

Our RT300 Supine system with optional iFES is currently being used in many ICUs with both adults and children as part of a growing global movement to promote early mobility in the critical care environment.

"Technology can be a helpful rehabilitation tool in the ICU, and therapists should understand the benefits of using technology that can fit the specific needs of a critically ill patient. A RT300 Supine is one example of technology." - Unger, 2016

Benefits of Early Mobilization

Learn more about the benefits of early mobilization for people in critical care.

Clinical Research and Reference

Review the sound clinical evidence that backs our RT300 Supine for use in critical care & ICU.

RT300 Supine

Discover the features and benefits of the RT300 Supine for early mobilization in critical care & ICU environments.

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