Meet the Training Team


Wendy Warfield, MHA, OTR/L

Wendy Warfield, MSHA, OTR/L is the Clinical Education Manager at Restorative Therapies. She graduated from Elizabethtown College with a Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2003 and obtained her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of Maryland, University College in 2013.

As an Occupational Therapist for 18 years, Wendy has extensive clinical experience treating a wide range of patients from both adult and pediatric populations, with varying diagnoses, in acute and sub-acute phases of treatment, and across the continuum of care including both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Through her experience at the Kennedy Krieger Institute: International Center for Spinal Cord Injury in Baltimore, MD from 2005 - 2012, Wendy has specialized experience developing and implementing activity-based restorative therapy approaches for neurological populations with a focus on spinal cord injury and upper extremity rehabilitation.

Wendy has completed advanced FES training and has worked extensively with a range of handheld and motorized FES systems. She has also expanded her repertoire to include training in the use of FES powered systems in the context of early mobility programs in critical care environments. Wendy has presented on the theory and implementation of FES-based therapy in neurorehabilitation and critical care at national and international conferences including the American Occupational Therapy Association, Australian Physiotherapy Association, and the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

In her current role, along with the Restorative Therapies Clinical Team of Physical and Occupational Therapists provide clinical education and support in the use of FES systems to clinicians, researchers, and patients around the world. The scope includes training on-site at clinics, organizing and delivering courses for continuing education credits at the Clinical Training Center of Restorative Therapies in Baltimore, MD, and advising customers and clinicians remotely.

Wendy has also contributed to new product development relying on her expertise and experience in the clinical use of FES systems to turn clinician and patient needs into required functionalities and capabilities of therapy systems. Wendy was a key contributor to the development of Restorative Therapies newest product the Xcite FES Clinical Station.

Her role as Clinical Education Manager provides Wendy with the unique opportunity to collaborate with clinicians around the world, facilitating best practice in the use of FES systems to improve rehabilitative and physical health outcomes of a wide range of patient populations.

Stephanie Huber, Baltimore, MD.

Stephanie Huber, MS, OTR/L

Stephanie Huber, MS, OTR/L is a Senior Clinical Educator at Restorative Therapies in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and Psychology in 2008 and earned her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2009.

Stephanie began her career at the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s International Center for Spinal Cord Injuries where she specialized in the application of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Activity-Based Restorative Therapy (ABRT) with patients with various neurological impairments across the lifespan.

She later assisted in the establishment of an outpatient ABRT clinic, the International Neurorehabilitation Institute, with Dr. Daniel Becker. At that time, Stephanie continued to focus her continued education on rehabilitation of the neurologically involved patient, applying her experience and training to include the Multiple Sclerosis population.

During her time at both clinics, Stephanie participated in research studies aimed at determining health outcomes through use of the Restorative Therapies’ FES systems with the spinal cord injury and Multiple Sclerosis populations.

Since 2013, Stephanie has held a home installer position with Restorative Therapies. She expanded her role to join the clinical support team in 2015. In her current role, Stephanie works with a team of therapists to provide clinical education and support to clinicians, researchers, and home users around the world. Her specialties include upper extremity rehabilitation, pediatric therapy, and FES and early mobility in the critical care environment. She contributes to new product development, relying on her expertise and experience in the clinical use of FES systems to turn clinician and patient needs into functionalities and capabilities of Restorative Therapies’ systems. Her current role allows her to collaborate with clinicians around the world to improve rehabilitative and health outcomes.

Laurie Magerfleisch, PT, DPT

Laurie Magerfleisch PT, DPT is a Clinical Education Specialist at Restorative Therapies, providing clinical education and support for clinicians, researchers, and home customers who use Restorative Therapies’ FES powered systems. Laurie has provided Physical Therapy services over the last 5 years to a wide variety of adult patient populations across inpatient, outpatient and sub-acute settings. While initially intent on infusing her love of hockey with her physical therapy career, she developed a passion for working with patients with neurologic conditions. She developed a specialty in treating a variety of neurologic conditions with a focus on stroke rehabilitation while working at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital in Malvern, PA. Her experience there using a variety of FES systems and working with and educating other clinicians led her to Restorative Therapies, where she is now able to collaborate with clinicians and researchers from around the world. She has also developed a strong interest in use of non-FES and FES powered systems in early mobility programs in critical care environments. Laurie enjoys having the opportunity to optimize rehabilitative and physical health outcomes by facilitating advanced education of best practices in use of FES powered systems.


Kathleen Landelius, PT

Kathleen Landelius, PT received her master’s degree in physical therapy from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) in 2002. She has spent the majority of her almost 20 years as a PT working in the outpatient setting with both pediatric and adult patients with primarily neurological disorders. She is currently attending the University of Montana working on her transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  Kathleen has worked for Restorative Therapies for the last 4 years in various capacities and is currently the Clinical Representative for the west coast clinics.


Lauren Norris, PT, DPT, NCS

Lauren Norris, PT, DPT, is a board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy and has been working as a Clinical Sales Representative with Restorative Therapies, Inc., since February 2021. Lauren graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2013 with a B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, and from Texas Woman’s University-Houston in 2016 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She also graduated from the TIRR Memorial Hermann Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program in July 2017, treating patients throughout the neurologic continuum of care ranging from the Neurotrauma ICU to the TIRR Challenge program, a community re-integration program for brain injury survivors. Upon completion of her residency and prior to joining RTI, Lauren worked as member of the spinal cord injury team at the TIRR Memorial Hermann Outpatient Rehabilitation.