Success Story

Nancy's Story

“You’re supposed to get progressively worse. But if you ask my neurologist, I have improved over the years. And that’s against the statistics.”

— Nancy Whisler

Nancy was 37 when she was diagnosed with MS and experienced progressive deterioration over the next 13 years.

In 2008 she was introduced to the RT300 when she joined a clinical study at Johns Hopkins. At her six-month checkup, the study showed Nancy’s strength had improved, she was faster on timed walking, and she was able to walk further.

Right after the study, she got her own device.

“I used to support myself on my walker with my arms. My arms helped me walk—my legs were rubber, useless. The RT300 improved my strength and balance so now I don’t feel like a rag doll. I walk and feel like my legs can support my weight. It’s also helped with my balance: I can walk with my walker and not feel terrified I’m going to fall over. I can’t tell you how much that strength means.”

Nancy uses her device two to three times a week for an hour. Her condition has been stable, and she no longer has to take medication for spasms.

On good days, she can pedal by herself, without stimulation, for 25 minutes. Nancy says “After that of course, I’m exhausted but I can sit there and the RT300 does it all for the last half hour. To me, that’s just amazing.”

Nancy has recovered the feeling in her left toe.

“My neurologist was poking me, asking ‘do you feel this, do you feel that.’ And I said I felt it. She reminded me that six months before, I couldn’t feel my left toe—I had no feeling in it. Now I do. To me, that’s just amazing.”

Nancy recently gained the confidence to move across the country and live on her own.

“I live in a house all by myself now. There was a time when there was no way I could have lived alone. My kids said, ‘Mom, how in the world are you going to do this?!’ I can’t wait for them to come visit me. I can’t wait for them to see I’m doing it!”

We are proud of your independence, Nancy!

“I’m happier than I’ve been in years. I’m doing better than I’ve done in years.”