Upright iFES Therapy

Looking to improve stepping ability? The RT600 is the only upright therapy system with fully integrated functional electrical stimulation (iFES) therapy. Less labor-intensive, more affordable, and smaller footprint than other stepping therapy devices, the RT600 has more features to meet patient needs.

How it Works

The RT600 stimulates the muscles involved in each phase of stepping at the appropriate time of each step, delivering a high-intensity, high-repetition therapy.

The robotic footplates will vary in firmness to accommodate tone, spasticity and any limitations at the ankle which enables a smooth range of motion.

The RT600 comes with 12 channels of stimulation and an adjustable stride length to accommodate both adults and children. Hip stabilization straps attach to the harness to provide an adjustable level of hip control while still allowing natural movement.

The partial body weight system (PBWS) hoist is integrated with the RT600 to:

  • Provide a mobile transfer of the patient into the proper position over the RT600
  • Provide body weight information in real time to control stimulation and monitor fatigue


For patients less than 12 years old, the RT600 pediatric footplate adaptations allow children as small as 34" (86cm) tall to utilize the RT600.

Muscle Selection

All stimulation is appropriately coordinated based on each individual’s needs.


Shoulder and scapular stabilizers


Abdominals and back muscle groups for core strength, stability, and postural correction

Lower extremity

Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, gastroc, and anterior tibialis


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