RT300 Supine for Critical Care

Early Mobility

Do you have patients or a family member in acute or critical care? The RT300 Supine provides leg and arm activity from a bed or bedside chair and is ideal for use in the ICU or acute rehabilitation environments for early mobility.

How it Works

The RT300 Supine is mounted on an expandable cart that fits over and around hospital beds, allowing it to be brought directly up to the patient. The RT300 Supine accommodates beds up to 46” (116cm) wide, including most bariatric beds, and has an antimicrobial touch screen, easily cleanable surfaces, and gel pads for skin protection. The height is also easily adjustable via the motorized table up to 47.5” (121cm).

RT300 supine can also be adjusted to accommodate pediatric patients.

Optional iFES is available.

Advantages of iFES with the RT300 Supine:

  • To help weak, paralyzed, or sedated patients actively participate
  • Available with up to 12 channels of stimulation for core, lower and upper extremity muscle groups
  • All stimulation is appropriately coordinated during the leg or arm motion based on muscle selection

Leg or Arm Activity

The RT300 Supine allows for the flexibility to switch out pedals and hand grips for arm or leg activity. This portable system is easy to set up over a bed or chair and is convenient to use. 


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