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Spinal Cord Injury

Over 18,500 individuals with an SCI benefit from using Restorative Therapies' systems
in over 400 clinic locations. SCI users have cycled the equivalent of 4.8 million miles during their 800,000 therapy sessions!

Read what home users and clinicians are saying about our FES therapy systems:

Join the thousands of RT300 and RT200 riders who have their own home based FES therapy system

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  • “I moved to Baltimore to work with KKI, to complement the work I was doing at home on my RT300. With KKI’s help I developed a personalized workout program that has helped me regain some lost function. Progress has been slow and hard work, but over time I was initially able to move a toe, then raise a leg and more recently stand. I am a huge believer in the value of FES, it is vital to enable people with SCI to exercise paralyzed muscles”… “There is no other way”… “FES is a powerful enabler, but the individual has to be prepared to put in the effort over time to get the benefits.” Read more

    Matt Courson, T8
  • Cindy insists she’ll keep up her regime for a lifetime. "It got my arms stronger. It works me out like a regular person. It’s so innovative the way it works you in different positions. It’s great for keeping your body healthy all over, AND my legs aren’t skinny! They’re still very muscular.
    And there’s no atrophy."Cindy says that it helps with her cardio—she rides three times a week and still gets out of breath.  “After I get off, my arms move better. It gets my body going and active.” Cindy says that it’s helped to lower her meds by half. Read more

    Cindy Donald, C4
  • Recommended by a physician, the RT300 FES cycle has been an integral part of Isabel’s routine since May of 2009. Now 11 years old, Isabel has to sit for long periods of time at school“Isabel's legs get tight so we pop her on the RT300 and it softens them. It’s amazing how it stretches them out. Isabel’s seen remarkable changes,” her mother says. Catherine also notes that the cycle has significantly improved her daughter’s bladder and bowel control.“Isabel's mental outlook is always better after. She feels good when she’s done some exercise. She’s in harmony when her whole body is exercised.” Read more

    Isabel Martin, T2
  • Her mother says the bike has helped with circulation, atrophy, spasms and muscle tone. Andrea’s pressure sores have been reduced and her energy is high again. It’s also made a big difference in her bone density. “We had some scans done. She doesn’t lose as much density when she’s riding regularly.  RT300 keeps her healthy.” But most of all, says Michele, the RT300 has restored hope, “not just in the family, but in the child that has to deal with this every day. It gives Andrea an outlet. I think she feels so limited sometimes, but this is something just for her—no one else in the house can ride it. I’m really excited for Andrea’s possibilities right now.”  Read more 

    Andrea Bridgeforth, C6
  • Ian reported an increase in muscle bulk since using the RT300 and a lessening of spasms after a FES Therapy workout. He also credits the use of FES for helping him to avoid pressure sores and associated infections. Ian was always looking for ways of improving his use of FES, and jumped at the chance to trial one of the first RT200 elliptical FES powered systems. The complete body workout of RT200 helps him retain muscle bulk, better circulation in his legs and overall better health essential to his active lifestyle. Read more   

    Ian Hoskins T3 with C7 incomplete
  • Derek likens the use of RT300 as “a walk in the park” while he says the workout on RT600 is like “a long distance run”.  He relishes the intense workout of RT600, and enjoys being upright during exercise. He attends the PEAK Center four times a week and uses RT600 for an hour each time. Derek continues his daily routine using his home based RT300.

    As Derek will tell you, “RT600 is an important part of my cross training regime that has helped me build up my muscle bulk and strength." .  Read more

    Derek Schneiderman

RT300 users report positive outcomes

  • 75% of regular users of the RT300 report some improvement in their Quality-of-Life.
  • 42% report some decrease in urinary tract infections and
  • 46% of SCI users on a bowel/bladder program report some improvement in their bowel/bladder management

Source RTIDataLink survey

RT300 for children

RT300 is the only FES cycling system for children as young as four years old.

   Read more

What SCI clinicians are saying

  • Many people have benefited from Restorative Therapy. Our largest focus is in individuals with complete and incomplete spinal cord injury and that is one of the advantages of Restorative Therapy. It is applicable to all individuals with spinal cord injury not just those who are going through their acute injury, not just those who are incomplete injury, but rather benefits can be offered to the majority of people who have injuries. Read more  

    Dr John McDonald, Kennedy Krieger Institute Baltimore
  • The introduction of the more versatile FES powered RT300, by Restorative Therapies in 2005, gave clinicians a system that was more readily accessible to people with a wider range of neurological disorders. Elimination of the need to transfer from the patients own wheelchair coupled with the compactness of RT300 meant patients had the potential, subject to funding, to continue their therapy programs after discharge from hospital. Read more  

    Candy Tefertiller, Director of Physical Therapy, Craig Hospital
  • Some of our clients who have sustained complete SCI, have reported finding themselves exhausted after their first 30 minute session on RT 200, such is the increased intensity of the workout.

    RT200, the only system providing simultaneous FES arm and FES leg therapy, which is called "hybrid" therapy. We recommend the RT200 to any client, or clinician working with a client, needing FES and able to exercise legs and arms together. Read more  

    Natalie Woodman, Director Neurolink Physiotherapy
  • As scientists and clinicians we are well aware of the general health benefits available to people with SCI from using functional electrical stimulation (FES). In this form of exercise, peripheral nerves are electrically stimulated, which in turn, creates muscle contractions and patterned movement. Thus, FES exercise enables paralyzed or partially paralyzed muscles to perform work instead of remaining inactive. As a result, atrophy can be prevented or partially reversed which reduces the individuals’ risk of incurring secondary health related issues. Read more   

    David Ditor, Ass Prof of Kinesiology, Brock University
  • As an exercise physiologist, I understand the importance of utilizing FES with an activity based program to optimize recovery potential for clients with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and related neurological disorders.  Since installing RT600 we have had the opportunity to evaluate its’ effectiveness with a number of clients, both complete and incomplete SCI. We observed an increase in heart rate on RT600 compared to other forms of exercise, leading to cardiovascular benefits. Muscle mass also increased, as did weight bearing capacity, from an initial 20% in the first session to up to 65% in later sessions.  Read more  

    Malarie Murphy, Director, Centre of Recovery and Exercise
  • “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Restorative Therapies, Inc. as we both aim to help people with neurological impairments achieve their full potential,” says Brian Malkinson, Director of Operations for SCI Business Solutions Inc. Malkinson continues, "This partnership is unlike any other, in that it brings years of research and development from both Project Walk and Restorative Therapies to the spinal cord injury community and other Special Populations just by visiting a Project Walk franchised location."

    In addition to RT300, Restorative Therapies will deliver RT200 FES elliptical and the newly released, RT600 FES Stepper to Project Walk Headquarters in Carlsbad, CA.

    Read more

    Brian Malkinson, Director for SCI Business Solutions Inc