30 January 2012

The RT600 FES stepping system is new so not many people have had the opportunity to see it in use first hand.  As a result we're often asked "So how do you get somebody up on that?".  It's a good question.

Rather than try to describe the process we went ahead and made a short YouTube video to demonstrate the process from beginning to end.  Matt Courson was in our Baltimore office that day and volunteered for an RT600 session.  Nick Holbrook was our iPhone cameraman.  Matt has a T8 AIS A spinal cord injury and is a regular FES user with well conditioned leg muscles. 

We are able to have Matt go from wheelchair to RT600 stepping in under 10 minutes.  This is pretty good although with more practice we could shave a little more off.  Many patients will take longer, especially when you are still becoming familiar with the process.  We train clinics to be able to bring an individual completely down in under a minute; ideally in less than 30 seconds.

Please take a look at the video >>
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